Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pay Cuts & Term Limits

Here's an idea: Lower the pay of every elected position to a living wage (if not minimum) and limit persons to two terms in any office.

There is something wrong with us as the public when we allow elected positions to pay higher wages than we can earn at decent jobs. There its an argument that the pay matches the work. Bullocks. Politicians should get at the end of the line if there's not enough to go around. Look at our teachers: there is a group that should swap wages with politicians. We stand idly by and are complicit in this utter disrespect and disgrace. It had also ben argued that higher wages are needed to attract the best and the brightest to elected positions. If they are running for the compensation, they are neither the best nor the brightest and shame on us.

Two term limits allows one term to get one's bearings and one term to actually do something. Two terms for all keeps others from monopolizing the experience and bullying newcomers with their "experience" (read: cronyism). There are 360 million people in the United States and our founders were farmers, soldiers, shop keepers, etc... We can and SHOULD expect "average" people to perform to similar results today.
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Blogger Vasyl said...

I hear what you are saying, we have the same problem in Canada. Though the cronyism in Ukraine, a country that has only recently begun to taste democracy, have laws that encourage cronyism to the point that elected officials are immune from the law...

7:52 PM  
Blogger Tree said...

Wow, I can imagine how disheartening that must be. I find it an uphill battle here in the states even without that being so open and commonplace (though, it happens here, too - just look at the ruling that corporations arte on par with purple for speech rights, total bunk).

7:59 PM  

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