Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Well-Dressed Revolution

People who spend some time with me soon recognize my affection for a bit of fancy dress. This heightened sartorial sense certainly doesn't extend into being a clothes-horse, but I like sweater vests over buttoned shirts, a dapper hat, or perhaps some argyle somewhere. And, it should be said, I like pretty swell in a suit.

Where did we come into such bad ideas that being well-dressed is uncomfortable? That nice clothing indicates stuffiness, lack of creativity, or restriction? These items are by and large untrue. It is very easy today to arrange a striking ensemble on the cheap and look like a million bucks... and be comfortable! For example, I have sagged three different suits off clearance racks at Target. I made certain to try them on, check the fit, and note the comfort. Once satisfied, I plunked down 75% off the original price and had an entire suit for about $30. Sure, it's not Brooks Bros., but they look nice, feel nice, and were inexpensive.

What fanciness can you find on the cheap? Give it a shot and perhaps consider joining my Well-Dressed Revolution.
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