Sunday, June 05, 2005

Porn Sites get a Domain Address

Reuters (and others) are reporting on ICANN's (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) move to include .xxx as a domain name specifically assigned to pornographic content. First off, this is an idea I have advocated for the last half decade or longer, before (I believe) this was ever even considered. I can hear some of you out there asking me for proof (figuratively, of course). Well, if I find some post, blog, or message board comment I have made a long time ago regarding this issue, it will be posted here immediately. Regardless, it's a good move with one caveat: forced migration. ICANN must force sites with pornographic content to move to the .xxx domain without exception. The beauty of the .xxx domain name is that it allows for filters to work more efficiently. This is not the same as censorship. The availability of pornography on the internet, in a society that allows for that content as free speech, is not being infringed upon. Rather, it is being placed in an area that allows for easier controls to be put into place much like those already existing in "real space" aka brick & mortar locations. Without ICANN forcing sites to move off .com and into .xxx, we'll simply see a doubling of the available porn site addresses (think : AND*.

*As of this posting, these sites may not actually exist. I assume that they do not, but I'm sure that any address with "porn" in its name has most likely been bought. The point is, the domain names in my example are exactly what they say: hypothetical.