Friday, August 27, 2010

Green Spaces

Do you know where your green spaces are? These places are parks, fields, walking & bike paths, hiking trails, ball fields, hills or mountain sides, beaches, woods, meadows, etc... Certainly many of these places near you may be private property, but how often do you visit the ones that are not? These spaces stew beneficial on many levels. They assist in cleaning the air, they provide exercise & recreational space, they are a change from most persons regular urban our suburban environ, and they clear the mind. Study shows a marked improvement in mental and behavioral health with regular exposure to green spaces. Also, with use comes conservation. People will lend support to save and create green spaces if they believe them to be integral to individual and communal living.

This week, commit to finding and using a green space at last three times. Feel free to post here about your experiences, too. Here are some helpful examples to get you started:

- Read a book
- Pray, meditate, or ponder
- Walk, jog, or run
- Picnic
- Collect leaves for pressing
- Draw or paint
- Watch the sun rise or set

Good luck, enjoy yourself, and be well.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I just stumbled upon sketch swap and swapped you something lame for this awesome blog, and then I stumbled upon this post and I can't agree more. Tomorrow, I'm taking my dog and myself to the nearest green space, and we're gonna have FUN and let our (my) hair down. THANKYOU mystery sketcher. :-)

4:47 PM  
Blogger Tree said...

Goodness, I forgot all about SketchSwap! I've also been neglecting this blog...

3:16 AM  

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