Sunday, August 29, 2010

Objects/Possessions & Identity (or "A Very Parenthetical Post")

What do you own that becomes a part of who you are? Maybe you firmly believe that your identity has nothing to do with material goods, and that's great, but what would your friends notice is missing if you left home without it? Looking at it that way, how much of "you" can be abstracted by listing a few of your possessions? If my friends stumbled across a fountain pen, blank journal, droid/HTC phone, black-framed glasses (metal our plastic, I have/wear both) and plaid fedora (it's a trilby, but do they know that?), they would almost certainly begin to look around for me or call me to say I forgot my stuff... again (wait, why would I have left my glasses?).

So, list five items, more or less, that form a fairly accurate description of you. You can even do so here in the comments, go ahead, I've provided some space...

Looking over the list, are these things you could lose or part with without existential turmoil? Please discuss (we'll all be the better for it).
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