Sunday, November 12, 2006

Speaking Words of Wisdom

Have any of you read Rachelle's Urban Abbess blog at Monkfish Abbey? It's amazing and Rachelle is my hero. This recent post regarding Ted Haggard's unfortunate situation is a perfect example of why I love to see her site highlighted in bold at my Bloglines account (though that keeps me from seeing a great looking site as well).

So This post is really two wrapped into one:

1. Rachelle's thoughts on this are as close to mine as anyone else's I have come across, so this is all I have to say as far as Ted Haggard (but not necessarily homosexuality with Haggard's situation as an example, watch for my next post) is concerned.

2. Don't miss out on all the great things you can find at Monkfish Abbey. They are an amazing group of people. If we had more groups like this around, the world would be a greater place.

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