Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Slate.com Serves up the Puppy Love

Slate.com, an online editorial magazine, served up some unintentional humor with an illustration to a story about what gifts to avoid for Christmas. While the gift may be for the daughter, the dad seems to be giving it to the puppy....

(highlighted areas added by me)

Man's best friend....

Here's the story with the pic, which can be clicked for a larger version:

from slate.com, will remove on request

Summing things up, let's do it for the kids, not in front of the kids. With a puppy. On Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

The images presented in this post are for reporting purposes only and are not intended as a challenge to the copyright holder.


Blogger WES ELLIS said...

i dig your blog. I see that Postmodern Youthministry is one of your favorite books, mine too.

7:38 PM  
Blogger mistic_mommy said...

yo, you dropped off the face of the blog planet. what's up with that?

anyways I was just reading some old stuff and thought I would drop by to say hey and that I was thinking about you. hope all is weel in the world of TREE....
later, bro

1:08 AM  

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