Saturday, September 10, 2005

Utter Bullshit

Governor Schwarzenegger is vetoing the bill passed by both the California House and Senate that would legalize same-sex marriage. Governor Schwarzenegger claims that it is the will of the people that this not pass (according to a previous state proposition), and yet there is a fundamental flaw in this line of thought: The United States is a representative democracy, not a popular democracy. If the United States were a popular democracy, Bush would not have been able to have stolen the election as he did in 2000, since he lost the popular vote. The idea that the "majority rules" has never, EVER, been a cornerstone of American democracy. If it were, we'd still be an ass-backwards slave-holding nation that denied women the right to vote. Arnold has committed a grave mistake here by citing a popular-vote initiative as reason for his veto. This is politics at its worst, and a serious blow to a humane and just course of action. No true Christian or humanitarian would stand in the way of two adults in love choosing to commit one's life to each other.


Blogger Sam said...

Yes, yes, a lot of talk in that post, most of it meaningless. Lets be honest, if the situation were reversed and the majority of California were screaming for gay marriage but the legislature passed a bill that forbade gay unions, you would be pounding the pulpit about the will of the people. Really, you're just in favor of whatever system of government gets the results you desire.

Besides, does not the governor of California have the constitutional power to veto? Is he not a representative of the people? As a representative of the people, should he not consider the will of the people who chose him as their representative?

I would urge you to reconsider your last statement. "No true Christian or humanitarian would stand in the way of two adults in love choosing to commit one's life to each other." Sometimes the most Christian and humane thing to do is to stand in the way. Surely you would stand up and say something if a female friend of yours were about to marry a known wife-beater, wouldn't you? Surely you are not in favor of abandoning all laws concerning polygamy and incest among consenting adults, are you? Sometimes, the most Christian and humane thing to do is to stand in the way between people and bad choices. Also, as Christians, we do not just answer to our neighbors but to God himself. Sometimes the Christian thing to do means listening to him first.

9:32 AM  
Blogger manofredearth said...

Am I being inflammatory? Absolutely, but not for the sake of merely being inflammatory. It's become obvious that the most vocal of those participating in the anti-marriage movement got to be listened to by being loud rather than right. It's just time to be loud and right: this is a political civil rights and human dignity issue informed by faith. It's time that people of faith grew a backbone and put down the ridiculous notion that having a backbone has anything to do with discrimating against gays and lesbians. Your rhetoric regarding standing in the way of marriages to wife beaters, polygamists, and incestuous individuals being likened to opposing gay marriage is strawman tactic: they're not parallel comparisons in any form. Again, Christians shouldn't twist faith and love to prop up a malformed "gospel" of fear and hatred, especially by using degrading and irrelevant examples.

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