Thursday, May 25, 2006

Unbelievably Far Behind

This has certainly become "The Blog Without a Brain". I started it with the intent of posting political and theological thoughts, but I got burnt out on that. Then I posted who-knows-what in the aftermath. Now it's been updated once in the last several months, with a good two months since that post.

I don't want to quit, but I don't know what to put here. I didn't want this to be a diary, so I thought I'd post cool stuff I stumbled across. Every time I thought of that, though, I hated the idea of being a cheap copy of MetaFilter or BoingBoing. I even compiled a list of amazing Lego creations I've come across, but it seems that every thing I feel is "post-worthy" is posted on BlockLog, almost exactly post-for-post (I bet we're both one of the four subscribers to the BriskShel rss feed....). Well, he's got great taste in Lego creations, I can say that.

So maybe I don't want to quit merely for the fact that we're all raised thinking, "quitting=bad". If I really didn't want to quit, I'd actually post those two or three entries I actually think about each day. I've thought of keeping an "analog" blog of sorts. If I write down my posts, then I can go back and post in batches based on what I wrote in a notebook. Maybe I'll try that. Maybe.

Ok, there is some news that made me smile, though. Two bits, actually, but one will be posted separately in just a moment. The other one has to do with my penchant for cobbling together Lego parts for fun and wonder. A couple months ago, I posted some pics of a Lego creation to Flickr and BrickShelf of a nifty little two-legged walking machine piloted by a Victorian-looking gentleman. Recently, the pics were found and displayed by a steampunk-Lego oriented site called "The Rusty Clank". I was pleasantly suprised and happy to see that something I had created was "post-worthy" by somebody else on their own space. So, here's my steamwalker on Rusty Clank. (Yeah, it's only a sentence or two, but it still got noticed!)


Blogger Andrew B. said...

Heh heh. RSS rules. It makes me feel omniscient.

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