Monday, November 08, 2004

The Theft of '04

I have been sitting on my hands for the last several days, and for good reason. There was no hiding the fact that I am a self-avowed Democrat. I wanted to take in as much information as possible before throwing my own thoughts into the arena. Now my self-imposed posting exile has come to an end.

I have spent a great deal of time pouring over raw voter data, conspiracy theories, opinion columns, radio talk show broadcasts, political blogs, and traditional print and broadcast news media. One thing is for certain, a whole lot of nutjobs come crawling out of the woodwork following almost every election. Another thing is also as certain, this election is being stolen from Senator John Kerry and the general public will only hear about it when it safely passes into the realm of "conspiracy theory".

Rather than choke this post with information that can easily be found elsewhere, I will simply point you to Blogging of the President and ask that you read each of the articles archived there. This is not an issue to be taken lightly. I was orginally concerened that Senator Kerry would win by electoral votes and not by popular vote, and the worst we would be dealing with would be a much needed call for electoral reform. I could not have been more wrong. Instead, we have a repeat of the election in 2000, where fraud and intimidation continue to to destroy our democracy.

I am deeply dissapointed that this is not being covered by mainstream media. What we get instead are light talking points that skirt the issue rather than a serious investigation. Now, with a major offensive operaton in Fallujah, I am deeply concerned that election results will be certified without any serious invesigation. The news from Falujah will conveniently bombard the news media and overshadow these dubious election results. There will be some who wish to claim that it's all part of a larger plan, but I'm not willing to endorse that idea. What I will endorse is the idea that no major news organization wants to go through what occured during the 2000 election aftermath or the CBS News airing of false documents regarding George W Bush's service history. They will refuse to pick up on and report this issue for fear of being wrong and, consequently, being pushed into irrelevance or shame by conservatively biased media outlets. I hope that every person who comes across the truth of this matter does what they can by passing it along to every media outlet, friend, neighbor, and stranger. This must not be an issue that we allow to sink into obscurity. Our freedom and democracy depend on it.


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